Acrocouple Siargao Retreat 2019

A Cultivation of Connection

To Self
Thru yoga and movement practices, build a strong connection to self that leads to strength, confidence, integrity and discipline.
To Nature
Be immersed and reconnect in unspoiled nature, learn how to move with its ever continuous rhythm and flow, and leave stress and anxiety behind.
To Others
Thru Acroyoga practice, uplift and be uplifted by building meaningful connections with those around you. Discover the depths and heights that can be reached when we exist and work together.

Join us to build strong selves that build powerful relationships to people, with the steadiness and rhythm that comes with being connected to nature.

A Deeper Acro Retreat

We've taken our fair share of retreats, trainings and immersions.
We love learning and sharing the great things, but we also had things we thought we could do better.
So we did.

Small Group Size

Good teaching requires attention, feedback and observation. Those are hard to keep up with in a sea of people. We limit our group size, so we can ensure everyone gets adequate attention,  coaching, and progress!

Adaptive and Goal-Oriented Teaching

Most teaching is rigid like an instruction manual. But what if a step doesn’t work for you? Our goal is you achieving your goal. We set goals and we adjust to keep you moving towards them. And we will demolish the lesson plan if that is what it takes.

Inclusive, Multi-Perspective Approach

Between Kendra’s empathetic and energetic approach, to Francis’ engineering scientific process, we’ve dissected and studied all our acro for adjustments. Whether for handicap, body size, length, strength, fitness, our approach gives you the highest chance for progress, no matter what seems to be in the way.

We've got you

Not to sound like a broken record, but our goal is for you to achieve your goal. If after the retreat, you haven’t achieved or are not a lot closer to your goal, we’ve got you. We will go over and beyond, even after the retreat, to make sure you’re moving forward.

Siargao Island

A top ranking destination in many traveler’s lists (Google it and you’ll see), Siargao is an under-the-radar island located on the eastern side of the Visaya’s in the Philippine Sea, it is considered paradise by surfers, eco-tourists, water lovers and island hoppers alike. From beaches and waterfalls to world class waves, Siargao is the place to go to connect to the Earth and leave the world behind, with its beauty exponentially elevated by the Filipino locals who are welcoming, friendly and generously share their culture and traditions with island visitors. 

So who are we to take you on this journey?

We’re Kendra and Francis; two acroyogis with very different paths to our practices, and with deep roots in the Philippines. Francis was born and raised there, so the opportunity to lead a retreat in his home country is an incredible chance to share his love of acro AND his culture with others – a bucket-list type of experience this nomadic life offers us.

Our teachings are way more than repeating stuff, but we did learn from a lot! Click for our credentials.

Our Credentials


Francis is co-founder of Acro Couple and believes that our bodies have the innate ability to heal, improve and develop. And that thru a skillful practice, the connection be strengthened between energy, body and intention to harness those abilities. As someone who started out as flexible as a robot and only with strength from weight training, he strongly believes the practice changes for each individual, and have particularly specialized in adjustments and modifications for smaller physiques and those with more mass (fat or muscle).


He is certified in Partner Acrobatics, Turbodog Yoga and holds an ACT Personal Training Certification. He has attended multiple workshops and classes for yoga and acro with teachers such as Niko Douwes, Lux, and the Yogaslackers. He is an obsessive self-studier, and that has led to semi-professional skill developments in music performance and composition, sound engineering, graphic design, photography and digital editing, web design,  and graphic illustration. Immersion in these modalities has also given him a deep, multiple perspective approach to anatomy, from graphic illustration to nursing anatomy, to personal training biomechanics, to yoga teacher training anatomy study.

He teaches with a deliberate approach in which everything done in the practice has a purpose and is directed to fulfill an intention without sacrificing fun and calmness. His teaching is a mix of logic from engineering, anatomy and physiology from nursing, biomechanics from personal training, rhythm and performance from music, and composition from creative arts.


Kendra is co-founder of Acro Couple and has been part of the acro world since 2011. Yoga and nature has been part of her life since a child, first learning asanas from her Mom and growing up on Indian Reservations in the Southwest immersed in the sacredness of earth practices at a young age.


Her commitment is to helping people gain self-confidence while connecting with each other and the earth, through the joy of learning AcroYoga. She believes that when we connect with the earth and each other, we connect to the heart of what truly matters, contributing to a better world for all beings.

Her movement background is based in cheerleading, backcountry snowboarding and slackline yoga. In addition, she has 13 years of experience in higher education where she was health and wellness faculty and held leadership positions in student affairs and customized training.

She’s shared the stage with other inspiring teachers at events such as Bangkok Acro Convention, Wanderlust, WL108, Bhaktifest, and the Hanuman Festival. And has also taught at corporations, yoga studios, universities and colleges, and non-profits where over 3,000 students from more than 10 countries have benefited from her teachings.

She holds certifications in Partner Acrobatics, YogaSlackers, Vinyasa Yoga, and is an Ayurveda Educator. In addition, she is has received certification from Jason and Chelsey Magness as an  Acro Mastermind Coach. She also studies practices that assist people in their quests for meaningful lives aligned with nature and soul with Animas Valley Institute.

But while we enjoy learning and doing awesome looking tricks, our practice is rooted in connection; our ability to support one another, communicate, and navigate whatever life, and our practice throws at us.

Ultimately, It’s this connection we have as teaching partners that’s our magic. Just like in acro, it’s a delicate balance between our differences. Our playful hearts and expressively creative souls together with a technical teaching style and in-depth understanding. Our infective desire to laugh together with our principles of clear and efficient coaching and direction. And our tendency to go deep- real deep- unapologetically and honestly, with the intention to be sensitive, caring and kind.

Our years of cultivating this balance and connection let’s us offer you the experience of a diverse, efficient, adventurous, playful and vastly expansive approach to acroyoga.

Here are the philosophies behind our acro work:

Inclusivity. This practice is for everyone, and everyone is welcome here.
Access. We’re committed to finding a way to work with you that works for you.
Connection. At the core of everything; to one another, the earth, and beyond.
Be real. Come as you are, share with authenticity, and grow as a whole human.
Innovation. Express and create; uncover new possibilities free from limitations.
Intelligence. Find your foundation – then fine-tune and refine it; work with your body’s innate intelligence to grow roots, then expand.

Sounds good?
Email us at to sign up for our list to get first dibs, as we have very limited slots for our retreats!