Advancing Your AcroYoga:
An Acro Intensive Retreat​

Expand your practice...

in paradise!

Join us for a tropical adventure that advances your acroyoga practice
(along with your tan!)

Retreat, relax, connect.
Break through your blocks and find yourself in a whole new practice.

Even as a frequent flyer, or a steady base, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re stuck in your acro practice.

Despite spending money and time on workshops, festivals,  jams, different advice from different people and various teachers, 
you still end up feeling stuck given the time and effort put in.

It’s hard to feel confident in your practice
when your progression feels like it’s grinding to a halt.

Festivals and workshops give you a couple hours, or maybe a day, to learn something new – but growth can grind to a halt when you realize you forgot something or are missing a key piece which leads to frustration that can result in stopping the practice all together.

And for those without a regular partner, progress is even harder to maintain.

But when a small, intentionally planned (and even-numbered) group of acro-passionate people gather together with challenge of personal growth while accessing new levels of confidence, courage, and joy in their practice – magic happens.

Old beliefs fade away, new skills emerge, and amazing connections happen with ease.
The thrill of flying and the rush of finding new levels in skill and expression comes rushing back.

All this is possible…even while you’re happily unplugged and relaxing in paradise.

Get ready to change the way you acro – and travel.
Prepare for an immersive acroyoga experience that will empower your acro practice, deepen your connection to yourself, to others and to nature,
 and take you on adventures to the most beautiful corners of the Earth.



Advancing Your AcroYoga:
An Acro Intensive Retreat

October 20-25, 2018

Learn beyond your current repertoire of poses and flows with guided, in depth coaching that  considers your unique needs in a progressive, effective, intelligent and FUN 6 day, 5 night deep dive into acroyoga.

Your body working and finding new strength and accessing new flexibility.
You’re drinking in the fresh air of the salty sea, surrounded by people motivated beyond getting a photo but having something that feels solid.
You’re diving into excellent form from solid foundations, seeing even more improvement and make things more accessible as you learn and expand on advanced techniques.

Together we’ll overcome individual limitations as we lift each other up, accessing new levels of communication and connection and new expressions of our practice – individually and collectively.

And what better place than on a remote tropical island surrounded by lush gardens, wildlife and the ocean.

Open to only 12 flyers and bases, here’s what’s included in this experience:

  • Double occupancy boutique accommodations (twin share or queen rooms)
  • Daily warm up and targeted conditioning
  • Acro workshops; 16 hours of acro teaching and customized coaching
  • 3 meals plus a snack, daily
  • A 2 hour massage
  • Beach access for swimming, snorkeling, and other ocean adventures
  • Group adventures; surfing and environment-connecting tours (transfers included)
  • Time for exploration, acro jamming and relaxation
  • A private online community to connect before, and stay connected after

Not included in the retreat rate:

  • Travel to + from Siargao
  • Ground transportation to/from the retreat center (they’re more than happy to help you arrange it!)
  • Extra excursions
  • Lodging before/after retreat
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional food and beverages


*Rates starting at $1500.00 USD per person. Payment plans available*

"It was great to get actual step by step instruction and see the relation between things.
My practice has become more consistent and clean.
I’ve learned the little details to make adjustments in my body to break bad habits that you never figure out when trying to learn yourself.
I learned to communicate and listen more instead of going kamikaze."
Acroyoga MTL Certified Teacher

Not Just Another Acro Retreat

We've taken our fair share of trainings and immersions.
We love learning and sharing the great things, but we also had things we thought we could do better.
So we did.

Small Group Size

Good teaching requires attention, feedback and observation. Those are hard to keep up with in a sea of limbs. With a smaller group size, we can ensure everyone gets adequate attention,  coaching, and progress!

Adaptive and Goal-Oriented Teaching

Most teaching is rigid like an instruction manual. But what if a step doesn’t work for you? Our goal is you achieving your goal. We set goals and we adjust to keep you moving towards them. And we will demolish the lesson plan if that is what it takes.

Inclusive, Multi-Perspective Approach

Between Kendra’s empathetic and energetic approach, to Francis’ engineering scientific process, we’ve dissected and studied all our acro for adjustments. Whether for handicap, body size, length, strength, fitness, our approach gives you the highest chance for progress, no matter what seems to be in the way.

We've got you

Not to sound like a broken record, but our goal is for you to achieve your goal. If after the retreat, you haven’t achieved or are not a lot closer to your goal, we’ve got you. We will go over and beyond, even after the retreat, to make sure you’re moving forward.

This retreat is an opportunity to

Shut off your phone, relax, unwind, and leave everyday distractions behind

Immerse your senses in an inspiring destination bursting with life

Fill your days with workshops, exploring possibilities, and meaningful conversations

Enjoy intentional down time for reflection and adventures

Be challenged in the name of growth by moving your body and embracing wellness

Honour yourself, other participants and the earth

Work with new people, collaborate with a partner and expand your practice

What You'll Learn

Efficient warm-ups and Acro-specific flexibility exercises

Refined fundamentals that will make learning simpler and easier

Targeted conditioning specifically curated to elevate your acro practice

New poses, transitions, and flows; co-create with safe, innovative sequencing

The specifics of acroyoga that help you dive deep into poses, and discover new forms and feelings

Ways to connect with your partner and to the earth at a deeper level

Techniques to work productively with your emotions and mindset

Some of our favorite ways for taking your practice into the next level

How to find your acro sweet spot which is the key to finding ease

So who are we to take you on this journey?

We’re Kendra and Francis; two acroyogis with very different paths to our practices, and with deep roots in the Philippines. Francis was born and raised there, so the opportunity to lead a retreat in his home country is an incredible chance to share his love of acro AND his culture with others – a bucket-list type of experience this nomadic life offers us.

We've spent a good portion of our lives getting a significant amount of teacher trainings and certifications under our belts.

Our Credentials


Francis is co-founder of Acro Couple and believes that our bodies have the innate ability to heal, improve and develop. And that thru a skillful practice, the connection be strengthened between energy, body and intention to harness those abilities. As someone who started out as flexible as a robot and only with strength from weight training, he strongly believes the practice changes for each individual, and have particularly specialized in adjustments and modifications for smaller physiques and those with more mass (fat or muscle).


He is certified in Partner Acrobatics, Turbodog Yoga and holds an ACT Personal Training Certification. He has attended multiple workshops and classes for yoga and acro with teachers such as Niko Douwes, Lux, and the Yogaslackers. He is an obsessive self-studier, and that has led to semi-professional skill developments in music performance and composition, sound engineering, graphic design, photography and digital editing, web design,  and graphic illustration. Immersion in these modalities has also given him a deep, multiple perspective approach to anatomy, from graphic illustration to nursing anatomy, to personal training biomechanics, to yoga teacher training anatomy study.

He teaches with a deliberate approach in which everything done in the practice has a purpose and is directed to fulfill an intention without sacrificing fun and calmness. His teaching is a mix of logic from engineering, anatomy and physiology from nursing, biomechanics from personal training, rhythm and performance from music, and composition from creative arts.


Kendra is co-founder of Acro Couple and has been part of the acro world since 2011. Yoga and nature has been part of her life since a child, first learning asanas from her Mom and growing up on Indian Reservations in the Southwest immersed in the sacredness of earth practices at a young age.


Her commitment is to helping people gain self-confidence while connecting with each other and the earth, through the joy of learning AcroYoga. She believes that when we connect with the earth and each other, we connect to the heart of what truly matters, contributing to a better world for all beings.

Her movement background is based in cheerleading, backcountry snowboarding and slackline yoga. In addition, she has 13 years of experience in higher education where she was health and wellness faculty and held leadership positions in student affairs and customized training.

She’s shared the stage with other inspiring teachers at events such as Bangkok Acro Convention, Wanderlust, WL108, Bhaktifest, and the Hanuman Festival. And has also taught at corporations, yoga studios, universities and colleges, and non-profits where over 3,000 students from more than 10 countries have benefited from her teachings.

She holds certifications in Partner Acrobatics, YogaSlackers, Vinyasa Yoga, and is an Ayurveda Educator. In addition, she is has received certification from Jason and Chelsey Magness as an  Acro Mastermind Coach. She also studies practices that assist people in their quests for meaningful lives aligned with nature and soul with Animas Valley Institute.

But while we enjoy learning and doing awesome looking tricks, our practice is rooted in connection; our ability to support one another, communicate, and navigate whatever life, and our practice throws at us.

Ultimately, It’s this connection we have as teaching partners that’s our magic. Just like in acro, it’s a delicate balance between our differences. Our playful hearts and expressively creative souls together with a technical teaching style and in-depth understanding. Our infective desire to laugh together with our principles of clear and efficient coaching and direction. And our tendency to go deep- real deep- unapologetically and honestly, with the intention to be sensitive, caring and kind.

Our years of cultivating this balance and connection let’s us offer you the experience of a diverse, efficient, adventurous, playful and vastly expansive approach to acroyoga.

Here are the philosophies behind our acro work:

Inclusivity. This practice is for everyone, and everyone is welcome here.
Access. We’re committed to finding a way to work with you that works for you.
Connection. At the core of everything; to one another, the earth, and beyond.
Be real. Come as you are, share with authenticity, and grow as a whole human.
Innovation. Express and create; uncover new possibilities free from limitations.
Intelligence. Find your foundation – then fine-tune and refine it; work with your body’s innate intelligence to grow roots, then expand.


"The time I spent training with Kendra and Francis was one of the highlights of my Acro journey - getting me in shape for the Acroyoga Convention in Bangkok, as well as giving me the courage and confidence to complete Acroyoga Teacher Training."
Linas Certified Instructor
"I love you guys. It's so refreshing to hear how you conceive an idea and how it can lead you into new directions, and places that you didn't imagine before, moulded by different people along the way, their skills, insights and talents."
Heidi Blais
Acroyoga Montreal Lead Teacher

About Siargao Island

An under-the-radar island located on the eastern side of the Visaya’s in the Philippine Sea, it is considered paradise by surfers, eco-tourists, water lovers and island hoppers alike. From beaches and waterfalls to world class waves, Siargao is the place to go to connect to the Earth and leave the world behind, with its beauty exponentially elevated by the Filipino locals who are welcoming, friendly and generously share their culture and traditions with island visitors.

Copy of Tao de Libertad Sign

The Retreat Center

Tao de Libertad is a gorgeous beachfront villa in a quiet part of Siargao where the sound of the crashing waves is nature’s neverending playlist. The resort offers direct access to a private sandy beach and the ocean for swimming, snorkeling, surfing or relaxing, contrasted with lush green exotic, tropical gardens with sand paths and coconut trees. All acro workshops will take place in a covered hut with sunrise and ocean views.


Discover the flavors of Filipino cooking and regional specialties prepared with a healthy spoonful of heart and soul. The island cuisine is known for fresh, tropical fruits, an abundance of seafood and creative cooks. A tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a fresh fruit shake will be provided per day, and meals can accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

The Rooms

NOTE: all rooms are double occupancy private rooms that can be set up with one queen bed or two singles. Please contact us at if you prefer a single-occupancy private room. Pricing changes will apply.

Bamboo Garden Room


Full Payment

$1700 $1500

Payment Plan (3 monthly payments)

$633 $567

Ocean View Room


Full Payment

$1900 $1700

Payment Plan (3 monthly payments)

$700 $633

Register now! Early Bird Rate ends August 1st!

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing if this is the right retreat for you matters.
So, we’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions we hear to help you decide if this is the space for you to step into and get exactly what you’re looking for.

Because we’re committed to advancing your skills with a group of acroyogis whose experience matches yours, we’re requesting that you self-assess your skills to see if this is the fit for you.

Watch this video to see what we’re looking for. We ask that you’re able to fly and/or base, and that you’re confident spotting these skills for others.

And here are the poses and flows in the video:
Front Plank
Back plank
Straddle Bat
Side stars (inside, outside, reverse)
Foot to hand (low)
Shoulder stands (star, reverse star, on hands reverse and regular)

Gentle reminder: we trust you will accurately self-assess yourself. Please remember that by having these prerequisites everyone can get the most out of this retreat.

We’ve intentionally created this retreat as a small group experience to prioritize personalized attention to your needs, experience, circumstance or condition. Small groups allow us the privilege of a more intimate understanding of your practice so we can meet you where you are at and make sure you get the best coaching to take your next steps – may that be physically, mentally, mindset, or physiologically. Together we offer expert insights from both the flyer and base perspective, and take the time with every individual to create a plan that supports you during the retreat AND will help you continue to grow when you get home.

We believe that, while acroyoga is a partner skill, our personal growth in the practice is what makes us great partners. Learning the art of communication, the perspective of the other person in any acro partnership, and understanding more about ourselves and what holds us back from being fully expressed is the key to being able to take this work and your new skills back into the world. We’ll be practising every day, and giving you loads of flexibility and strength training exercises to work during and after retreat – so when you head home you’ll have the skills to meet other acroyogis where they’re at, whether you’re practicing with them for the first or the 50th time.

While the list runs long of ways we’re different from other retreat hosts, there are three main things that stand out as ways we add value:

1) Guaranteed small group. If you show up and there are more than 12 students, the retreat is on us. Yep, you read that right. That’s how much we believe in the power of teaching small groups.

2) Adaptive lesson plans. We’re using an adaptive lesson plan that changes according to both individual and collective needs. We’ll only teach certain poses and flows if it serves you. While we’re all about the relaxation side of retreating, we’re also goal and results oriented; we want you to go home a stronger, more confident and connected acroyogi.

3) Teaching from multiple perspectives. It’s rare to find a teaching partnership of an expert base and expert flyer who have been practicing/teaching together for six years, stay true and authentic to who they are, and craft a marriage of a scientific, engineer approach with the lived-experience of a seasoned practitioner to offer a full spectrum of insight into the practice.

Included in the retreat is the following:

  • 6 days, 5 nights
  • Double occupancy boutique accommodations (twin share or queen rooms) at an oceanfront retreat property in Siargao, Philippines
  • Daily warm up and targeted conditioning
  • Acro workshops; 16 hours of focused teaching and customized coaching from TWO certified + globally experienced acroyogis (Kendra is the expert flyer, Francis is the expert base)
  • 3 meals plus a snack, daily
  • A 2 hour massage
  • Beach access for swimming, snorkeling, and other ocean adventures
  • Group adventures; surfing and environment-connecting tours (transfers included)
  • Time for exploration, acro jamming and relaxation
  • A private online community to connect before, and stay connected after

And it comes with a guarantee that you will progress. Your progress is our number one goal – so if by the end of the week you feel you’ve had zero progress, we’ll create a plan for follow ups for you online, in Siargao or in Bali (that’s the cost of a private for FREE!). That’s how committed we are to growing your acro practice.

Cancelling a trip is the pits. But, life happens and sometimes that’s the only natural next step. Here’s what you need to know should you need to withdraw from the retreat after booking:

If you need to cancel your booking, all cancellation requests must be submitted, in writing, to The retreat is subject to the following per person cancellation charges based on the time before retreat start date that we receive your written cancellation.

  • Before August 18, 2018: Full Refund, Minus a $250 Administrative Fee
  • After August 18, 2018: No refund of retreat cost unless your spot can be filled. If spot filled, 50% Refund (for administrative fees).

NOTE: Cancellations paid with a credit card or PayPal will incur an additional processing fee..

In the case Acro Couple must cancel a booked retreat date, for any reason, you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat or request a full refund by writing to

Please note: Acro Couple is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreats, such as airline tickets, loss of work and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.

As unexpected events can come up, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to compensate you for some or all fees (depending on insurance policy) in the case of a cancellation.

We suggest and use World Nomads for travel insurance.
Visit for a quote.


With options to either fly onto the island via Manila or Cebu, OR taking a ferry, there’s a handful of ways you can craft your travel to the island of Siargao. Tao de Libertad retreat center has created a crystal-clear resource to help you plan your travel. Have a read HERE.

There’s nothing like taking the time for you; your practice, your personal growth, your skills, your joy. And in Siargao, you’ll be in the exact perfect place to receive an acroyoga experience unlike any other.

You’ll reimagine and innovate with acroyoga; creating and uncovering possibilities without boundaries and limitations.

You’ll experience purposeful and intentional practice that offers super-solid roots to bust through obstacles.

You’ll connect with others and the Earth; participate in and contribute to something bigger than yourself.

You’ll practice courage and confidence, expand comfort zones and be completely in your body while totally present with another being.

And together we’ll seek meaningful adventures, jumping into every experience with two feet.

And you’ll walk away with a plan to continue expanding and evolving your practice, even after the retreat has ended.

Excite your every cell.
Grow in skill and in Self.
Restore, relax, rejuvenate.

OCTOBER 20-25, 2018
Choose from a Bamboo or Ocean View room.
Payment plans available.

"I was looking for more technique, knowledge and understanding in Acro to avoid mistakes and to make sure I didn't injure myself. This was really important to me, especially for fitness and the awareness of my body. I really appreciated the fact that I always felt challenged and supported by Kendra and Francis. I never felt like I failed even if it was something I needed to work on. I grew in my body awareness and as a base and flyer."