6 Reasons Connecting to Nature Makes Life Easier (and four things to do to get started)

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We are always looking for ways to make life easier. One of the biggest tools we use for that is technology. So why does it seem, even with how advanced technology has become, we have more life problems than ever before? The answer is quite simple: It is because we have disconnected too much from the answer to most of life’s persistent problems: nature.

Technology and modernity is bad, but the disconnect that it has caused so far keeps us from the amazing qualities nature provides to overcome our problems. Here are five of those qualities we can enjoy by rekindling a deeper connection with nature.

A strong, steady place to start from

With every daunting task or challenge, one of the hardest questions is “Where do I start?” 
When we are part of nature, we never need to look for that. We have the best starting point in nature.

When you feel like your world is crumbling, or that your actions seem insignificant, then maybe your foundation is weak. See through the fragile man-made environment and realize that the ground carries the biggest oceans and the smallest creature. The air lifts the biggest aircraft and the tiniest speck of dust. The water gushes thru the biggest waterfalls, and seeps thru the smallest rock. The light outraces every known thing. Being a part of all this nature, It’s like having the hardiest, strongest, biggest foundation backing you. When you are a part of nature, you exist, act and come from a place of unmatched strength, stability, and power.

So when feelings of indecision, frailty, and insignificance start troubling your life, work towards returning to nature, where you have the force and power of the most powerful team in the world to launch you to whatever you are trying to do.

support that will give you everything it can at no cost

What being or thing will let you take anything you can for free? Definitely not anything man-made. But plants give you fruit, leaves, lumber and produce. The earth gives you minerals and elements. The sun gives you heat and light. The air gives you oxygen. And no, there is no cost. It’s as if Amazon.com decided to give you anything from it totally free once every day. We have exactly that. We can take anything we want from nature, as long as it can give it.

When we reconnect to nature deep enough, we can start working in a way that nobody is left hungry or needy, everyone gets supported, and people can actually live life and thrive instead of just trying to survive day by day.

So when you feel like you just don’t have enough of something, go back to nature and realize how much it gives, and how it actually gives you all you need. Once you realize that, you have so much less stress and more power to work toward getting more of what you want.

Flexible consistency and reliability

Nature is amazing in how it is consistent and reliable and yet diverse and adaptive. Just look at how many different species are in, gone through, and probably will come through existence. And through all the different things, there are rock-solid constants. The ground is ground, the air is air, water is water, electricity is electricity, and fire is fire. This is a thousand millenia old consistency that has supported all sorts of life and circumstance.

This is why when you “root into the ground”, it means so much more than “root into concrete”.  When you say soar thru the air or glide thru the water, the feeling is clear because water has always been water for us, and air has always been air. It is on this consistency and steadiness that humans have relied on and built things.

So when thoughts of instability, uncertainty or confusion come up, just touch the ground, breathe in the air, take in the sun, or let the water float you around. Feel this consistency that has been around before you even existed, and realize that you came from this. You are more than capable of being steady, certain and focused, with a clear identity, and a capacity to adapt and evolve.

Regeneration, adaptation and sustainability

Humans don’t need to take care of nature. It was there long before we were, and it has thrived long before we existed. It is self-sustaining, adapting to all situations and having multiple ways to heal.

In contrast, all the “essential” things now such as internet, cars, phones, gadgets either need batteries or some power source (which comes from? you guessed it, nature). They can’t even last a couple days without dying if you leave them alone.

We‘ve ended up treating ourselves like one of these man-made objects. We fuel up with coffee or energy drinks to keep us strong or alert. Alcohol and drugs activate our destressing and healing or coping mechanisms. We turn to esoteric, outlandish and fantastical rituals to elicit some sort of hope, excitement, or recovery in our existence. And if we leave ourselves alone, we go crazy. It’s almost pitiful how machine-like we have become.

However, as part of nature, we have innate abilities and energies to heal, adapt, and naturally go through of emotions, reactions, states of consciousness. And it is not necessary (although sometimes they help so we can rediscover) to do anything crazy or use so many external and artificial processes to do any of those things.

Take the time to meditate and reflect, and like yoga teaches us, become aware of your body as nature made you, so you can fully manifest and utilize the amazing healing, adaptability and sustainability you have. Because as a part of nature, those are all included in the package.

A source of wonder, mystery and inspiration

A routine of life, robotic, riddled with electronics and technology is the norm for the modern age. And while it is excellent for productivity and efficiency, it also causes a lot of stress, boredom, burnout, loss of purpose and passion, and even mental illness. Returning to nature (even just rediscovering it at this point) is a refreshing burst of fresh air both literally and figuratively. This is why vacations are usually nature trips! Science and technology has gotten us far in understanding a lot about nature, but there is still a lot in it that we have yet to discover. It is this endless source of mystery, wonder and passion that has inspired musicians, scientists, artists, and writers.

Try it for yourself, when feeling uninspired or bored. Transplant yourself from modern life into a “wild” natural environment. It will give you a rush, a spark to your senses, and a shot of wonder, mystery and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.

Everyone has a place and purpose

Nature has millions of years of experience in balancing out different weather, lifeforms, disasters, growth, and everything on this earth. It’s perpetual goal is to achieve and maintain a balanced and smooth-running state, with all valuable components intact and thriving. Nature finds a place for every piece within it, as long as it contributes value to the whole.

Living in our man-made environment and systems, individual riches, resource hoarding, and self-righteousness have become our standard goals. It is not surprising that we get all the consequences of that: poverty, prejudice, inequality and huge disparity in status. If we get back to the natural goal of equilibrium, we get used to finding the big picture balance to keep everything thriving and alive. And having this will help eliminate persecution, prejudice and abuse. It also gives room for clearer identities and roles for everyone involved, which makes everyone valuable and important without compromising individuality.

All we need to do is get back in

Nature was there when you and I started, and it will be there when we are done. Nature has and will nourish our energy, grow it, mold it, strengthen it, and give it everything it needs without asking for anything. It will guide and support us with its steadiness and consistency while giving us immense freedom to find our own purpose. So we need to cultivate the connection we have to nature. We need to step back in and start living as part of nature, and stop treating it as a disposable source. Because in returning to nature, we regain a perfect partner that empowers us to do great things. In nature, not only can we overcome our everyday life problems, we are also empowered to live the fullest, healthiest, and most passionate life we can.

BONUS: Four things to kickstart a return to nature

  1. Make one life choice to STOP nature destruction. This could be reducing or eliminating plastic use, utilizing proper garbage disposal, switching to sustainable sources. Nature can heal, we just have to stop our constant destruction of it.

  2. Start being aware of the cost of convenience and luxury. Whether it’s the ease of using disposable single use equipment, consuming big-farmed food, or paving a forest to build a luxurious villa in a tropical location, it is almost always nature paying for our many conveniences and luxuries. Pamper yourself by becoming smarter-healthier, not lazier. An environment that will heal and nurture you is worth infinitely more than fleeting luxuries.

  3. Use your naturally processed fuel. Bike, walk, run, skate. Justify eating by actually moving yourself to places, and working manually when you can.

  4. Find a role in nature. Be part of a cleanup group, plant trees, even maintaining a small permaculture garden in your house or community. 

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