You work with Francis and Kendra, one on one in person to get coaching that is specific for your learning style, experience and body.

Two in person private options are available. First, we travel to you to offer multi-day privates (limited availability). Or train with us in person. We set up the training location, equipment and work with your schedule.

To really see improvement, we suggest multiple in person sessions.Having trouble with a specific skill you are working on? Many times all it takes is a bit more strength, flexibility or technique to unlock the skill.

Send us a video of what you are working on and what you hope to achieve. From there we schedule a Skype session to discuss what we saw, what needs to be developed and what may be holding you back. We’ll go over modifications specific for you and what needs to be done to progress. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions at that time.

We believe in taking things you learn and really incorporating them into your practice for a deeper understanding. As opposed to jumping from training to training and technique to technique for the quick fix. That’s why we recommend these assessments once or twice a month. To actually take the time to practice, learn and grow.

Remote training can be done with and without a partner depending on your needs.

In between your privates, you are able to email us with any questions that pop up along the way

Prepare to confidently meet prerequisites as a base, flyer and/or spotter for teacher  or more advanced trainings

Learn how to make acro more accessible and creative for you

Build solid foundations that translates to big changes and improvement in more difficult challenges

Create a training repertoire for your acro practice including specific conditioning and calibration exercises for strength, flexibility or to accommodate injuries

[tmls_saved id=”1867″]The first step is for us to connect through email to chat about your goals, obstacles and questions to see if we are a good fit.