Learn and expand

...in paradise.

Retreat, relax, connect, and see your practice soar.

Leave everyday distractions behind. Slow down and immerse yourself in inspiring destinations bursting with life.

Experience an accessible, accommodating, articulate, engaging and expressive experience of acroyoga – retreat style!

Fill your days with workshops and deep conversations, your down time with sweet silence and reflection or outbound adventures, and your evenings with experiences that connect you to the community and the culture of new and beautiful countries.

Expect to unplug and tap in. To be challenged in the name of growth. To move your body and embrace wellness. To honour yourself, other participants, and the earth; interactions and conversations that help you see, respect and thank the gifts of your journey.

What Happens On Retreat


Reimagine and innovate in AcroYoga; create and uncover possibilities without boundaries and limitations.

Experience purposeful and intentional practice that offers super-solid roots to bust through obstacles. Learn to go deeper right when you’re ready to give up on poses like foot to hand, hand to hand, shoulderstands and more.

Connect with others and the earth; experience participating and contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Practice courage and confidence, expand comfort zones and be completely in your body while totally present with another being.

Seek meaningful adventures and jump into every experience with two feet.

Excite your every cell.
Grow in skill and in Self.
Restore, relax, rejuvenate.

Group Experiences

From Bali to the Philippines to Thailand and beyond, we take students on adventures that transcend their wildest dreams; in location and in their acro practice.

Immerse yourself in study. Explore with new friends. Connect with the local culture. And dive deep to expand your skill and mindset.

A healthy blend of workshops and space to rest, time alone and time in the group, each retreat is specifically designed to offer a new experience of yourself and your practice.

Keen on an international adventure and acroyoga deep dive?

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