Personal(ized) Growth

...and a new experience of your acro practice.

Moving through major blocks and digging into details of what’s holding you back from starting or evolving your practice can be a vulnerable process.

One that not everyone is interested in going through in a classroom setting.
And it’s often that classes don’t address the specific hurdle you’re working to clear.

If there’s a goal on the table or a deep desire to simply learn in a one on one environment, private coaching creates a safe space for you to have a personal experience in, and of, acro.

Make some serious gains in your acro practice.
And do it with customized one on one coaching – in Bali.

Hosted in Bali and designed as day programs, private one on one experiences encourage growth and skill development while focusing on connecting you deeply to the beauty and power of the Earth.

All this—and more—in a highly customized and personalized retreat setting.

Perfect for couples or acroyogis looking to take their seasoned practice beyond their current bounds, private retreats are designed with your unique goals and needs in mind. They support you in moving past physical limitations in your body and limiting beliefs to access a deeper understanding of your natural geometry.

My goal was to do the AcroRevolution teacher training but didn’t feel I had the prerequisites and confidence. I trained with Francis and Kendra to strengthen my practice because of their love and understanding of Acro. They are very caring and I got a lot of personal attention, support and positivity. Our dynamic and chemistry was great - which you don’t get with just anyone. My training offered new information, techniques, and experiencing joy together. And the best news, I got accepted into the 2016 AcroRevolution teacher training and feel strong in my pre-req’s!

Get customized coaching that takes you deeper into your relationship with yourself and your practice. Learn flyer or base practices and techniques that expand your perspective. Be supported in growing your strength, flexibility, energy management, and awareness of your unique body.

Offered as day programs in-person in Bali, you’ll receive tools to safely transition into the next level of your acro practice, taking on greater challenges and growing your confidence, courage, skills and determination.

Get personal, and go deep.

Reach out and let us know how we can help you bring more courage to your acro practice!