Frequent Flyers and Stable Bases

Evolving Your Acroyoga Practice

Go Beyond The Poses

Go beyond the poses.
Grow your strength. Deepen your practice physically. Move beyond the body.

Explore, express, expand and get creative.

Dive into an exploration of flow, creativity, movement and possibilities.

Yes – even if it’s started to feel like your practice has hit a plateau.

There’s always room to grow and expand. Just think what it would feel like…

  • To have the confidence and creativity to fly freely with your base
  • To have the steadiness to support your flyer in an expressive flow
  • To feel connected with your partner and co-create safe, innovative sequencing

As your practice progresses, what often elevates your skillset are the subtleties; how you connect with your partner and how you handle your emotions and mindset.

And with those subtle aspects of the practice refined, a whole new expression as an acroyogi gets unlocked…and a world of playful fun (that’s safe, of course) becomes yours.

Where limiting beliefs around what a partner should look like melt away.
Where co-creation and trust reign supreme.
Where every experience is a learning and a teaching opportunity.
Where you grow with your partners while you grow your practice.

Bye bye, ‘My Way’ Bases and Bossy Flyers.
Get ready to get challenged, to open up, to get real compassionate (mostly with yourself) and to find new ways for acroyoga to surprise and delight you.

Take the next steps to evolving your already-rocking acro practice.

You’ve got the moves – check.
Get the steps for taking your practice into its next level.

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"I was looking for more technique, knowledge and understanding in Acro to avoid mistakes and to make sure I didn't injure myself. This was really important to me, especially for fitness and the awareness of my body. I really appreciated the fact that I always felt challenged and supported by Kendra and Francis. I never felt like I failed even if it was something I needed to work on. I grew in my body awareness and as a base and flyer."
Base + Flyer

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