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Find your co-acro flow.

Regain your connection. Reignite your passion.

Relationships ebb and flow.
And in the ebbs, there can be times when you don’t feel as connected as you once did to your partner.

The love and commitment is there, yet there’s something missing.
That ‘something’ goes beyond touch, beyond the spoken word. It’s the subtle sense of knowing one another on a cellular level. It’s an intimate trust.

And that connection, whether strengthening or regaining it, is what matters most.

Kendra + Francis work with couples specifically through acroyoga because it saved their connection, and their relationship.

After experiencing a concussion shortly after they met, Kendra was crippled by fear that would surface whenever they went to work together. Not knowing how to communicate it at the time, Francis was clueless of its existence—let alone its power—until Kendra told him she never wanted to do acroyoga with him again.

Over a year of challenging work, with gentle persistence and commitment and greeting each emotion that arose as they slowly rebuilt the trust between them, their shaky foundation turned into a solid connection, and their relationship and acro practice flourished again.

The powerful combination of physical and emotional work inherent in acro is what helped them find their groove again.

Acroyoga offers them a strong foundation, an experience of physical support and shared successes. It helps them be open to change and let go of things that no longer serve them as individuals and as a couple. It’s the glue for the best and hardest of times in their lives, not to mention a source of playfulness and fun, and a fantastic way to come back and find each other again (and again…and again).

Whatever the nature of the relationship you’re in—intimate partners, friends seeking a more fulfilling experience—acroyoga is an amazing compliment to rekindling and deepening your connection.

Working with Kendra & Francis has helped us to approach our practice with a focus on more connection and grace. Yes, we are acro partners, but we are also life partners. Their partnership and coaching style truly inspires us to continuously approach our practice with kindness and trust, knowing that our relationship, just like our acro practice, is perpetually evolving. The more we meet each other with love and grace, the more growth we experience.
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