For The Fresh Acroyogis

Bust some beliefs and dispel some acro-myths.

Discover the joy, art and expression of acro.

You're Ready and Willing...
Now What?

You’re new to acroyoga and have no idea where to start.
Or maybe you’ve taken a couple classes or workshops but the experience is still falling flat.
You want to be challenged—pushed outside your comfort zone—AND you still want to feel safe and supported.

The beauty of starting something new is it’s a blank slate; a place to lean into with curiosity where you’ve got no bad habits built yet!

There are lots of fears out there that can mess with your confidence, your courage, and your willingness to dive into the practice.

Doubts about your strength, flexibility, shape or size. Discomfort with the idea of flying.
A lack of trust in the person supporting you, or the person being supported by you.

It leaves you feeling left out; like it’s not for you, or there’s no picture of acroyoga you’ve seen yourself fitting into.

Acroyoga Shouldn’t Be That Way

With patience and practice, step by step you can start to move out of doubt and into discovery.
And all it takes is three simple steps to ignite your passion for acro.

  • Confidence. Debunk myths that hold students back from embracing (and enjoying!) the practice.
  • Connection. Understand the power of connection and how to cultivate it.
  • Acro. Start to build your skills and see yourself—and your practice—expand.

Change your ‘I can’t’ into an ‘I CAN!’.

I went from novice to intermediate with their help. Through Francis’s strength, patience and articulate direction I was able to do things that seemed impossible. It is hard to condense so much trust, joy and love into a single paragraph. I am forever grateful for their friendship and trust.
Doug Slack

We are still working on completing this path, but make sure to check back soon when it’s done!