Acroyoga Lessons With AcroYoda: Stacking 101 (Comic)

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Acroyoga has an intellectual aspect of training just as much as it has a lot of physical training. To introduce and give us a simple way to understand and apply an important concept in acro, please welcome the ultimate AcroJedi, AcroYoda!

2 thoughts on “Acroyoga Lessons With AcroYoda: Stacking 101 (Comic)”

  1. Star is often practiced with straight arms for both base and flyer (for example just google for acro yoga star images), what do you think about this form?

    1. Thats a great question, Yair. I am very familiar with the straight arm version of star. I would call it a stable but not strong version of star. Straight arms usually form a diamond shape, which will require extra work (or duct tape lol) hugging in from the base’s chest and the flyer’s shoulders. The only exception is if the stack happens exclusively on the legs, at which point the arms are not necessary anymore(it’s technically free star).
      As far as what I think about this form, It is fine for starting to learn star(though i personally prefer teaching star properly stacked to start), going into free star, or performing star for a show or photo (the lines created by straight arms are quite nice). However it is not strong and uses too much work, specially if you put something on top of the star. Notice if you look at stars where the star flyer is basing someone else, they require the stability and efficiency of a better stack (tripod arms flyer with straight arm base). So basically, I feel that stacked arms in supported star shows better technique (less work, stronger and safer).
      Thanks for reading and so glad to hear your thoughts on it!

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