Experience Deep Connection

Uncover new possibilities for your relationships - on all levels.

You’re capable of so much on your own; your self care, chasing your own goals, serving your personal needs or creating the kinds of experiences your body and soul call for.

And there’s something about connection with others that leaves you wanting more.

More fulfilling friendships.
Total harmony in an expression of creativity with a partner.
Meaningful and intentional touch.
To come back to your significant other and connect.

When there’s someone else in the picture, finding your way into a deep connection can be a challenge – especially when time or distance has kept you apart.

But in working with a partner to synchronize movements and breath, something magical happens…something new opens up: a partnership founded on physical connection, trust, and letting go.

Discover the fluidity between you and your partner and experience union together.

We’re taking all the best parts of our acroyoga offerings around deepening and expanding connection and rolling it into an online learning experience aimed at upping the ante on how, and how easily you connect with yourself and those around you.

Get lessons on partner poses rooted in anatomy and alignment.
Develop techniques to communicate and conversations to deepen trust and connection.
Participate in a community of like-minded acro-lovers and benefit from group coaching.
And watch your confidence and your practice flourish.

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