Get Inspired To Do Acroyoga With This Bali Flow (Video)

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I spent a month with Francis and friends, Vin and Katie, on motorbikes driving to 20+ Bali destinations connecting with each other and nature for a special acroyoga video project. Experiencing Bali belly, magical places, rain, wild roads, curious locals, beautiful sunsets, hot springs and a volcano eruption warning.
Yes, towards the end of the project the alert status for seismic activity at Mt. Agung elevated causing evacuation within a 6 mile radius of the crater. I feel fortunate to have safely connected with some of the places around this lively mountain prior. My heart goes out to the 1000’s of people and animals of Bali still affected by this.

This acro project helped face fears, discover strengths and connect with Bali on a deeper level than ever before. Showing just how much change is part of our lives each and every day. And how we still have a choice as to how we react to it and the actions we take. I am proud to share CHANGES: A BALI ACRO FLOW with you.

As you can see, one of our passions is to collaborate and co-create with others through acro inspired by nature and the world around us.
And we are often asked, “How Can I Create My Own Acro Flow?”

One of our core teaching philosophies is innovation. And we love helping others to create a unique flow of their own. Although there is not a one size fits all to individual creative processes there are ways to spark creativity. One of my favorite ways is by sketching shapes we see in nature and then recreating them with our bodies.
Francis and I have put together this free workbook, Acro Creativity: 4 Exercises that lead to more creations and possibilities, to get those juices going to make creative beautiful flows of your own. Grab your free copy here.

4 thoughts on “Get Inspired To Do Acroyoga With This Bali Flow (Video)”

  1. I love this flow guys!!! It made me so happy to watch you guys play. The end is with you all being bubbly is fantastic! Big Hug

    1. Yes, the creation process was fantastic! It was actually a challenge for us to find consistency and timing with each other and the music. But, in the end and with practice it all came together.

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