Are You Afraid of Not Making an Impact in Your Work?

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Yay, I’m on Positively Positive!

Here’s an excerpt from my feature:

“I worried that I’d let my parents, supervisor and colleagues down. But, was accepting where I was for others worth letting myself down in being someone or something I’m not?

Many sleepless nights and an internal tug of war followed. Thoughts came in and out about what to do with this life and how to do it. And I constantly struggled between keeping my security, status and money or staying true to my vision.

What I knew to be true is that I am an educator at heart, and that fulfilling work and serving others cannot be compromised. I came to accept that it’s essential to live and share my life in a way that’s authentic, even if that means shaking up my world.

The direction was clear – to choose authenticity over acceptance. I gathered the courage and quit my job at the college to pursue my passion. The hard part was not knowing what life would look like in the future; if it would be a failure or a success and whether I was giving it all up for nothing.”

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