AcroStories 01: Crescent Stand (Video)

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Several years back Francis and I had created an acro performance for AcroCamp Midwest. This was voluntary and an opportunity to showcase our acro practice to our peers.

We spent months practicing and cleaning it up. And we were ready to perform.

That is until the day of, I bailed only one hour before.

I came up with a million reasons why I couldn’t perform that day. But, really they were all excuses. The truth is:
I was too afraid to really be seen.
I was too afraid to mess up.
I was too afraid to fall.
Ultimately, I was too afraid to FAIL.

Instead of taking the chance, I chose to not even try.  I chose to back down and hide.

There is a point where one gets sick of this sh@t tainting their life. And I am at that point. It’s time to share, talk about the voices that get in the way and start growing together.

Yes, my inner critic is going nuts whenever watching this video. Noticing a bent arm here, a shake there and a toe not pointed.

Yes, I may fail and am terrified to put this out there. But, am ready to try. And okay with learning and making mistakes along the way.  Owning that place of being perfectly imperfect.

This video is the first attempt at doing that. AcroStories is a visual journal to capture the spirit and movement of acro.

 The first edition tells the story of how crescent stand, a fresh take on the acro pose chest stand, came into creation. We’ll share how we conceive an idea and how it can lead into new directions and places never imagined. And how our acro practice is molded by different people’s skills, insights and talents along the way, 

Here’s the acro video, AcroStories 01: Crescent Stand.


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