Acroyoga Pose Reverse Star: 6 Simple Entries (Video)

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The community spoke and hands down people want more acroyoga videos! So, here we go with a look into the acroyoga pose, Reverse Star.
This four minute acroyoga video is for:

  • Fresh acroyogi’s new to this pose and looking to achieve reverse star in their practice
  • Frequent flyers + steady bases wanting different entries and transitions to practice drills and challenge themselves

We’ll share precise tips throughout the video to help you gain even more confidence in it.
As always, practice safe, smart and use a spotter when needing extra support.

2 thoughts on “Acroyoga Pose Reverse Star: 6 Simple Entries (Video)”

  1. Haha super solid video with precise alignment & tips! Had so much fun watching coz of your vibes guys. Big smile on my face watching…
    Karin ??

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