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Do you consider yourself an acromonkey? One of the mistakes we see everybody do is try to copy everyone else. But, the thing is acro is not one size fits all.

We believe no monkey should be left behind. Everyone is different, and those differences should be embraced.

We believe the self is not an obstacle but a well of potential. That being authentic with ourselves and others is part of the practice.

We believe it’s important to incorporate fun just as much as innovation, intelligence and connection for progress.

Do any of these sound like you when it comes to acro…

  • I’m too heavy and there is no way someone can lift me
  • I’m not strong enough
  • I’m not flexible
  • I’m not good enough and don’t want to waste other people’s time
  • I’m terrified of falling or dropping someone
  • I’m scared of injuring myself
  • I have no idea the proper way to spot in different poses
  • I don’t have a partner

You’re not alone.

It’s not your fault. The thing is often we aren’t taught how to work with different body sizes, frustrations and challenges when working so closely in partnership with someone else.

The solution is to you have to figure out how to support each other to connect and share with all bodies and minds.

We help yogis + acroyogis who aren’t the ideal overcome limitations, get stronger and do things never thought possible in acro.

Few things make us more excited than helping bridge the gap between dream and reality. And we love creating things with everyone! Check out our other great photos in our gallery.

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