About Us

We are all about helping yogis and acroyogis dispel limiting beliefs to overcome limitations, get stronger and do things never thought possible.

We want to help those that have so much more to give. We want to explore uplifting adventures with you to give each other the gift of being included and uplifted. Pun intended. 😉

believe refinement in foundations is essential

like to support others and be supported

love working out with how you can get the best results with your partner

like to challenge perspectives and stereotypes

enjoy exploring subtle movements and search for new possibilities

want to strengthen connection, create more ease and cultivate greater presence

[tmls_saved id=”644″]Growing up on three different Indian Reservations in the Southwest U.S. I learned early the power of nature, connection and relationships. At a young age, I began my lifelong Yoga practice under the caring hand of my mother.

I fought hard to earn my place in the world to help others live better lives. Eventually, investing 13 years as an academic in community colleges supporting a diverse student body to find and live their dreams.  

A teacher at heart, I am known for my patience, authenticity and bringing out the best in people. Consistently providing feedback and support to safely challenge one another to DO things we’re afraid of and open up possibilities to evolve as a person.

I love adventuring around the world; slackline yoga; living the Bali island life; fostering dogs; spending time with Francis or getting a massage.  Really anything that makes me inspired, connected and happy.

Download my teaching profile hereI believe that our bodies have the innate abilities to heal, improve, and develop. And that thru a skillful practice, the connection between energy, body and intention can be strengthened to harness those abilities.

I strongly believe that the practice changes for each individual, and have particularly specialized in yoga adjustments and modifications for physiques with more mass (fat or muscle) and acrobatics in particular for smaller bases. I teach with a purposeful approach, in which everything done in the practice has a purpose and is directed to fulfill an intention, but without sacrificing fun and still maintaining a calm and supportive air.

My method is a mindful mix of different lessons from my life experiences: logic from engineering, anatomy and physiology from nursing, biomechanics from personal training, rhythm and performance from music, and composition from creative arts.

See my full profile here.