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We’re two acroyogis with very different paths to our practices.

That uniqueness is our magic; it’s what creates a diverse, inclusive, experienced, playful and incredibly expansive perspective on the art and practice of acroyoga.

We came together as practitioners first, slowly evolving our practice-based partnership as flyer and base into a romantic relationship. The collaborative and co-creative approach we’ve generated together has landed us the opportunity to teach globally, contribute to online journals with massive communities, and even appear on the odd Thai TV show. And while the tricks look great, our practice is rooted in our connection; our ability to support one another, communicate, and navigate whatever life, and our practice throws at us.

Today, we’re chasing our dreams and following our hearts, living a nomadic life travelling throughout Southeast Asia, and landing in Bali when we need grounding. Natural introverts, we put ourselves out into the world to help others feel the same sense of freedom the practice offers us; putting ourselves outside our comfort zone in service of our students doing the same.

We’re committed to balancing our polarities: our playful hearts and expressively creative souls with our articulate teaching style and depth of knowledge. The amount we love to laugh with our clear coaching and direction. And we go deep. Real deep…unapologetically and honestly and with care and kindness.

As much as we share our love for yoga, we’re wonderfully unique. Francis creates comics. Kendra loves slackline yoga and taking their foster puppies for scooter rides. We’re authentically ourselves and encourage our students to find that connection to their own truth through their acro practice.

More About Kendra + Francis

Kendra Charts

Growing up on three different Indian Reservations in the US, Kendra learned the power of connection to the earth and in relationship early on.

No stranger to injuries, self-doubt, frustration and fear, she’s an acro flyer who’s managed the mindset shifts that go along with going beyond. An empathetic person connected to the power of physical movement, her struggles have shown her how to find joy in the experience of life.

She’s dedicated to safely support and challenge her students and loved ones to push their boundaries.

Francis Tabin

A self-proclaimed “lazy base”, Francis believes through a skillful practice like Acroyoga, the connection between energy, body and intention can be strengthened to harness the body’s innate ability to heal, improve and develop.

Working with hundreds of people to date, he sees how the practice changes for each individual.

A stickler for proper alignment and supportive engagement, Francis loves diving into the details and subtleties. He draws his teachings and logic from engineering; anatomy and physiology from nursing; biomechanics from personal training; rhythm and performance from music and composition from photography and graphic design.

What clients say about us

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They are very caring and I got a lot of personal attention. There was always support and positivity. We have a good dynamic and chemistry between us which is something you don’t get with just anyone.

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