A Couples Acroyoga Practice To Help Boost Your Bond

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As a couple that works, creates and plays together there are certainly times where friction occurs between us. The other day we had a fight that was quite emotionally charged. After sleeping on it we had a chance to calm down. But, the disconnect was still there.
We decided to do some Acroyoga poses and a chill flow together. In just a few minutes of me dancing on Francis’s feet as the flyer and him literally providing the earth and ground below me as the base we were able to boost our bond.

Acroyoga is one of the most powerful tools we have found in our relationship for connection with each other.

It’s a movement practice that combines partner acrobatics and the practice of yoga. Requiring a joint effort for support, courage and to accomplish new things. Regardless if you think you’re too heavy, not strong, flexible or coordinated enough.

Set up for Connection

For building connection in Acroyoga with your partner, setting up a safe space is essential.  This will allow surrendering to take place and trust to be built.
Here are a few things to keep in mind to create a safe space before you begin:

  • When first starting, use a soft landing such as puzzle mats, gymnastics mats, yoga mats or grass
  • If practicing indoors, check that the ceilings are high enough and the walls far enough away that the flyer won’t hit it
  • If you need more support ask for a heavy, hands-on spot
  • Decide who will be the base and who is the flyer

Playful Prep Poses

Pyramid Shoulder Stretch (Easy)

This pose allows both partners to release tension and blocked energy in the shoulders, upper back and neck.

Tips to boost your bond: Create extension by both partners reaching their hip creases away from one another. While at the same time moving the chest towards each other. Talk to each other to communicate if more or less pressure is needed in the hands to find this extension.1397Doing this pose in partnership creates an opportunity to improve our quality of breath and connection with one another.

Badakonasana with Backbend

Tips to boost your bond: Focus on syncing the breath with your partner by breathing deep into where the backs of your bodies meet. Stay for 8 breaths.



Back Fly

In this backbend, the flyer must fully surrender to the base and gravity. The dynamic of support and releasing control between the base and flyer softens our hearts. Tapping into a new level of compassion for our partner.

Tips to boost your bond:
Flyer (top person) Face away from your bases feet, and hold onto the bases ankles with fingers pointing to the mid-line. Relax your back into a backbend. Keep your legs heavy towards the ground. To come out, grasp the bases ankles and place your feet on the earth as the base slowly lowers you down.
Base (bottom person)  Place both feet vertical (like number 11) with the toes a little above the flyers waistband line. Bend both knees towards your chest to receive them. Press thru your heels to extend both legs straight. Align your legs vertical over your hips at a 90 degree angle. Keep your core engaged to stabilize your legs.
Spotter (not pictured) Take a wide goddess stance. One arm goes above the belly and the other under the low back. Be the eyes and ears of encouragement and safety for the base and flyer. Stay aware from the start until the flyer is safely back on the earth.

Back Bow

This pose allows the base to give full support so, the flyer can fully open in their backbend. Similar to giving and receiving love in life.

Tips to boost your bond:
Flyer (top person) Once the base is strong and stable under your shoulders bend both knees. Slowly reach for your ankles and grasp, keep your arms straight. Hug your knees towards the mid-line. With control, release to back fly and to your feet on the ground.
Base (bottom person) From back fly,  with straight arms support both of the flyers shoulders. Keep your legs straight and vertical. Slowly release through back fly to the ground.
Spotter (not pictured) Take a wide goddess stance. One arm goes above the belly and the other under the low back. Be the eyes and ears of encouragement and safety for the base and flyer. Stay aware from the start until the flyer is safely back on the ground.


Bird on Feet
Half Bow on Feet
Bow on Feet

In this series, the flyer has to support themselves in the backbend. Which develops the power and confidence to trust one another while building physical and emotional strength.
This series of poses is for those who have been doing Acro Yoga awhile. If unfamiliar with this, it is important to use proper spotting and instruction. A great way to learn this is by going to a class with a professional instructor.

Tips to boost your bond:  
Flyer When holding the ankle(s), kick the leg(s) back away from you into your hand. And reach your chest forward.
Base The base can help the flyer keep their chest lifted by applying pressure to the ball mounts, similar to stepping on a gas pedal when driving.  


Chest Stand

Sometimes fear arises when backbending. Symbolically it can mean fear of the future, fear of moving forward or fully giving oneself of love.

This pose empowers, strengthens and develops courage between the base and flyer. The base provides support to the flyer in unfamiliar places such as under the sternum and one knee: While the bases legs are asymmetrical.  Often unknown and unexplored positions in Acro yoga.
Chest stand is a challenging pose and deep heart opener. It is safest practiced under proper instruction and guidance.

Tips to boost the bond:  

Flyer  Push down in the chest to foot contact with the base while reaching the heart forward. Go hands free on the bases leg for an extra challenge.
Base The base provides extra contact and stability by bending the knee of the foot that is in contact with the chest.  

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