Flip your fears on its head

Connect with the joy of Acroyoga

Develop your acroyoga skills and mindset, and experience a whole new sense of connection
to yourself, your practice, your community, and beyond.

What comes to mind when YOU think about acroyoga?

Going upside down.
Can they support me?
Can I support them?!
Am I strong enough?
I’m not sure if I’m the right size.
Sheer excitement.
Complete fear.

Acro newbie

These are only a small few of a laundry list of reasons students hold back from diving into an acroyoga practice.
They’re all real concerns, real beliefs, and real fears –  and we get it. 

What if we told you that with some subtle shifts in skill and mindset, these limitations melt away?
That with conscious, connected, playful and articulate coaching and direction, acroyoga becomes fun??

It’s so easy to feel self-conscious about being weak or heavy or tight or scared and start thinking: I can’t.

The thing is, Yes, YOU!

Get passionate about the practice, and wildly dedicated to creating joy in the process.
Go deep; In conversation, in philosophy, in creativity, in everything.
And fall in love with that depth.

Buckle up! You’re about to go on an acro-inspired adventure and explore parts of yourself and your practice that have been waiting to be unleashed!

Explore uplifting adventures and give yourself the gift of being included and uplifted.

Dive into the resources students are using to cultivate their acro-joy

As Seen In

They found love in the MidWest.
Now they’re co-creating acro and life in the jungle.

Who knew that connecting over a few solid sequences would land Kendra and Francis thousands of miles from home, dedicated to chasing their dreams? 

There’s NO end to what there is to learn in the world of acroyoga.

Kick start your practice, level up your skills, deepen your connection.
No matter where you’re at in your journey, there’s loads to learn and ALWAYS new ways to get creative with your sequences, flows, moves and mindset.

We’ve curated content for you wherever you are in your acro journey.
Select which track below resonates most with you and let’s get going!

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